About Us

Health Staffing connects facilities with nursing professionals and connects nursing professionals with career opportunities.

Established in 1997, we are one of BC’s longest-serving healthcare staffing companies.

We are connected to a large network of healthcare facilities and nursing professionals. We are experts in nursing labour regulations, quality assurance standards, facility funding structures and regulatory requirements.

Health Staffing understands the demands placed on staff and on facility operators. We are a comprehensive gateway for all your healthcare needs.

Our Vision & Mission

Our vision: Balanced healthcare for a diverse society.

Our mission: Facilitate effective use of healthcare resources worldwide. We achieve this by providing a broad range of health services to a broad range of customers, and building a self-sustaining organization.

For nurses, we aim to build our company into a nursing gateway, a single stop to support nurses in their pursuit of career opportunity, in Canada or around the world, in hospital, geriatric, or community settings.

For healthcare facilities, we aim to provide a full range of work options, support, education and resources for staff, clients, and communities.

Our Philosophy

We believe that our corporation is made up of individuals, and that each member of the company has responsibilities towards the company, and the company as a whole has responsibilities towards each of its members.

We believe that our team is made up of individuals, and that each of us has a responsibility to the company, while the company has a responsibility towards each team member.

Health Staffing believes that aligning individual and organizational goals achieves the best results for everyone and that by working as a team, we achieve better results than by working individually.

We believe that success is measured by our provision of value to our community, both in quality of service and in volunteerism. We wish to have a positive and measurable effect on our community and the world.