Employment Benefits

The best career opportunities for you – that’s what Health Staffing aims to offer. In hospital, geriatric and community settings, we work with you to build your career and offer the flexibility you need.

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Design the schedule that works for you. Our process allows you to work around your commitments and change according to your needs. Assignments are available for every day and time slot, singly or in blocks.


Gain valuable exposure to a variety of nursing settings when you work with Health Staffing. Find opportunities in public and private institutions across BC’s health regions and get the experience you need to better plan your career goals.

Higher Wages

We offer competitive rates to staff. By filling vacancies that would require hospitals to pay overtime rates, we can offer higher rates than long-term care facilities or hospitals. Working with us as a contractor can also have significant advantages at tax time.

Less Stress

Enjoy a schedule that works best for you from week to week. Adjust your availability to fit your personal needs, and avoid mandatory overtime. We coordinate with facilities to offer on-site orientation to familiarize you with the systems and routines of each institution.

No Politics

If conflicts arise between unions and employers or facilities, our employees don’t need to choose sides. Choose job sites that work best for you. Our staff is there during work stoppages to assist the union by helping them meet requirements under essential services legislation.

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